Possibility Partners Unleashing Potential 12-Week Course

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Possibility Partners Unleashing Potential 12 Week Course

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Experience an in-depth understanding of the 10 design principles that provide the foundation for the workplace conditions that shift the focus from performance management to a focus on human beings unleashing your potential, purpose, passion, and power. 

Six 90-minute zoom sessions

scheduled every other Wednesday, beginning November 3, 2021, from 7:00 - 8:30 PM CST. 

Final session January 5, 2022.

Are you tired of..

Being seen as the policy police and handbook enforcer vs. an advocate for people unleashing their potential?

Defending lawsuits and deflecting threats of EEOC filings based on past experiences vs. being freed up to focus on strategic plans for the future? 

Conversations deteriorating into confrontations or worse . . . emails that are one-way communications substituting for conversations?

A culture that lacks the conditions to ignite ownership for results?

Everyone in your workplace actually wants to return post-COVID because they feel such a strong sense of belonging to a community of human beings in which they feel supported, connected, valued, appreciated, acknowledged and highly regarded. 

All ideas, concerns, and feedback from everyone, regardless of position, are welcomed and appreciated, regardless of whether they are perceived as compliments or complaints?

All outcomes are viewed as, “There are no mistakes; only possibilities.”

Everyone is encouraged to express themselves vs. prove themselves? 

Yes, I want that!

In this program you will

Discover how mutual trust and respect increase in our hierarchical relationships when we shift our power “over” leadership approaches to power “with” possibility partner relationships.

Recognize the impact on confidence, competence, efficacy, and ease of getting sh*%t done when the outmoded annual performance review process is replaced with year-round, one-on-one “How’s It Going” possibility partners conversations

Rewire your relationship to work resulting from a radical shift in accountability - from holding people accountable to creating the conditions that ignite ownership for results 

Understand the positive shifts in attitudes, behaviors and results that occur when conversations for alignment on performance expectations vs. confrontations for performance failures are the cultural norm 

Explore the potential for greater HR impact and influence when HR and the CEO are in 100% alignment on the HR possibilities

Embrace how HR can be the champion for creating communities of human beings vs. warehouses of human resources in which a radical shift is possible for people in their relationships to themselves, to their work and to each other 

This is for you if..

You want to champion the creation of a workplace where people look forward to coming to work because they’re doing work they love with people they love for reasons they love. 

You want to focus on people unleashing their potential vs. managing their performances.

You want to create sustainable, repeatable, reliable Best Practices that create a radical sense of belonging for everyone.

You want to create a culture of psychological safety for all participants so that they can interact with each other with open hearts and open minds.

Join Dianne in a journey of Rearchitecting Work . . . 

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“Leadership is not a position; it’s a mindset of beliefs, values, and behaviors that create the conditions & relationships focused on unleashing the potential, purpose, passion, and power residing within each of us, to produce the results that matter to all of us.”
- Possibility Partners, LLC