We are Workplace Architects

who create infrastructures of systems and best practices that shift the focus from performance management to unleashing potential. The importance of results does not change, but HOW they are achieved is dramatically altered!

Our Values

Trust & Respect

Trusting in ourselves, one another, and the universe is a fundamental requirement for optimizing our relationships and possibilities. Mutual respect unleashes an energetic connection that enhances our experiences of authenticity, confidence, collaboration, and creativity.

Clarity is Kindness

Defining  job responsibilities and deliverables is a fundamental component for alignment on expectations among all team members.

Power “With” Relationships

Collaborative, equality-oriented relationships inspire confidence and competency-building vs. the feelings of fear and inadequacy that are often experienced in traditional command and control  “power over” relationships.

Psychological Safety

Everyone is invited and encouraged to speak candidly with one another regardless of the hierarchical structure without fear of repercussions or diminished credibility.

Self Expression

Work is experienced as an opportunity to express our value vs. prove our worth.


Career/succession planning that encourages ownership for the difference we can make in the lives of others with the ongoing development of  our unique talents and capabilities at work.

Inspired by the possibility . . . 

Imagine a world in which our relationships to work shift from a duty to survive to a possibility to thrive, optimizing our participation, contributions, and self-expression, as we collaborate in relationships of mutual trust and respect, supported by leadership that inspires ownership for results vs. holding people accountable, and engaging in one-on-one, bi-weekly "How's It Going" conversations that transform the annual, " rearview mirror" performance assessment process into a "future facing" possibility for collaboration and support to optimize  results, contributions, and impact, as they're happening in real time.


The 10 Design Principles and 7 Paradigm Shifting Tools

Our HR Futurist philosophy revolves around 10 Design Principles to unlock the power of Human Resources and ultimately unleash the potential of Human Beings. 

We believe these 10 principals -- pragmatic in nature but holistic in development and implementation -- are essential to growing and maintaining a thriving Possibility Partner workplace.

A message from our founder


As a workplace  paradigm shifter who has experienced numerous work-related change initiatives over the years, many were akin to “putting lipstick on a pig,” So Possibility Partners was founded with a keen awareness of the need to create foundational shifts in not only the practices in the workplace but also in the paradigms of values, beliefs, and behaviors driving those practices. 


Based on more than three decades of experience working in a variety of companies and organizations, ranging from small, family-owned businesses, political campaigns, and government agencies to international public relations firms and Fortune 500 companies, I am passionate about offering a pragmatic/comprehensive/holistic approach to unleashing the power of possibility and the inspiration of collaborative, co-creative possibility partnerships of mutuality and trust.


The founding of  Possibility Partners was driven by the intention of creating conditions of best practices and leadership approaches that enable people to experience work with an expanded sense of confidence, competence, agency, and emotional well-being.


One of Possibility Partners’ primary goals is to create an online community of like-minded business professionals who can collaborate and support one another in our mutual vision of workplaces where people are  unleashing  the potential, purpose, power, and passion residing within each of us to produce the results that matter to all of us. 


Rather than work being experienced as a burden to survive, it becomes an opportunity to thrive – a possibility to create and contribute – to make a difference – to feel valued and appreciated.

– Dianne

"You never change things by fighting the existing reality.

To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete." 


R. Buckminster Fuller



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