We are Workplace Architects

who create infrastructures of systems and best practices that shift the focus from performance management to unleashing potential. The importance of results does not change, but HOW they are achieved is dramatically altered!

Our Values

Psychological Safety

Everyone is welcomed and encouraged to speak up in a safe, mutually respectful environment without fear of negative consequences or lower credibility, regardless of the topic or audience.

Trust & Respect

We believe trust and respect in ourselves, one another, and the universe is fundamental to all relationships and possibilities. These are key pillars to any workplace environment.

Power “With” Relationships

The "power over" hierarchical structures in the workplace should be replaced with "power with" relationships to be more motivating, affirming, and confidence- and skill-building.

Inspired by the possibility

Possibility Partners, founded by mother daughter duo Wende and Dianne, turned into a collaborative partnership by chance.

The paradigm-shifting concepts for Possibility Partners have been inspired by Dianne's work as the Chief Possibility Officer for the YWCA Metropolitan Chicago.

Pandemic-related disruptions in society (political polarization, George Floyd, The Great Resignation, hybrid workplaces, etc.) provided Dianne with the impetus she needed to write Rearchitecting Work - Unleashing Potential and launch Possibility Partners, LLC.

The 10 Design Principles of Rearchitecting Work

Our HR Futurist philosophy revolves around 10 Design Principles to unlock the power of Human Resources and ultimately unleash the potential of Human Beings. 

We believe these 10 principals -- pragmatic in nature but holistic in development and implementation -- are essential to growing and maintaining a thriving Possibility Partner workplace.

A note from our founder


As a Workplace Architect and Human Resources paradigm-buster, with more than three decades of experience working for a wide range of companies and organizations, from small, family-owned businesses, political campaigns, and government agencies to international public relations firms and large, Fortune 500 companies, Possibility Partners offers a pragmatic/holistic approach to unleashing the power of possibility and the inspiration of collaborative, co-creative partnerships. 

It's our intention that building these infrastructures of best practices and leadership approaches in which bosses become mentors . . . performance reviews turn into "How's It Going" conversations . . . team members relate as Possibility Partners . . . "Inspiring Ownership For Results" replaces "Holding People Accountable" will enable people to experience work, with an expanded sense of confidence, competence, and agency. 

At Possibility Partners, it's our goal to support an online community of HR professionals who share our vision of workplaces where HR is the champion and the force behind creating the conditions that unleash the potential, purpose, power, and passion residing within each of us to produce the results that matter to all of us.

– Dianne

"You never change things by fighting the existing reality.

To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete." 


R. Buckminster Fuller


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