Rearchitecting Work

Identify the 10 design principles for Human Resources to lead a reimagined workplace. The importance of results does not change, but HOW they are achieved is drastically altered to inspire collaboration, participation, contribution, and self-expression.

Course starts: Thursday, January 11, 2024,
5:30 to 7:00 PM CDT

Course ends: Thursday, October 10th, 2023


What it is

A hands-on, in-depth exploration of the 10 pragmatic design principles so course participants can create their own step-by-step plan for rearchitecting their workplace.

They will also gain insights and mastery into the mindsets that change along with the infrastructures vs. simply developing new best practices that are often implemented with the same old attitudes, values, beliefs, and behaviors about what’s possible at work.

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Who it is for

This course is for open-minded, innovative individuals looking for progressive, paradigm-busting ideas and practices that enhance creativity and collaboration among all team members.  Such ideas and practices will result in producing purpose-driven growth for employers and employees alike.

What you will learn



Rearchitecting Work, the book

Bosses transform into mentors, performance reviews become "How's It Going" conversations, team members communicate as trusted possibility partners.

"Holding people accountable" is replaced with "inspired ownership for results" when HR is empowered to create the culture shift from performance management to unleashing potential.

In this course we will go deeper on these principles and redefine what it means to be a Possibility Partner in the work place. 


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Rearchitecting Work 6-Week Course


One-Time Payment

  • Includes 1 copy of the book Rearchitecting Work 
  • Education on all 6 modules with 1:1 support calls
  • Embrace how HR can champion rearchitecting work

  • Explore the potential for greater HR impact

  • Understand the positive shifts in attitudes and results when "How’s It Going" conversations replace performance reviews

  • Rewire your relationships to work resulting from a radical shift in accountability

  • Recognize the impact on getting things done with “power-with” leadership paradigm shift

  • Discover how creativity and collaboration increase with possibility partner relationships


Our core values

Trust & Respect
Trust in ourselves, one another, and the universe is fundamental to all relationships and possibilities. Mutual respect allows for more freedom of possibilities and strength in all relationships. 

Caring for others develops empathy and a stronger sense of belonging and connection

“Power With” vs. “Power Over” Relationships
Collaborative, equality oriented, “power with” relationships, regardless of the hierarchy or title, inspire confidence and competency-building that is often stifled in “power-over” relationships.

Psychological Safety
Everyone is invited and encouraged to speak up and speak out no matter the subject or who’s in the room without fear of repercussions or diminished credibility 

Work is experienced as a gift of participation, contribution, and self-expression vs. a burden to survive

Taking ownership for the difference we can make in the lives of others with our unique talents and capabilities

About Dianne Michels


As a Human Resources Futurist and Paradigm-Buster with 30+ years of multi-faceted experience working for a wide range of companies and organizations, ranging from small family-owned businesses, political campaigns, and government agencies to international public relations firms and large Fortune 500 companies, Dianne offers a pragmatic approach to guiding others to experience the power of possibility, the strength of partnerships of mutual trust and respect, and the freedom of being heard in cultures of psychological safety. Her breakthrough concepts awaken others to embrace work as a gift of participation, contribution, and self-expression vs. a burden to survive.


Due to Dianne’s extensive background in HR, she is all too familiar with how the department is viewed within organizations and the invisible barriers that limit HR’s ability to create the conditions to empower people to truly thrive. Dianne models support, collaboration, inspiration, and innovation for HR professionals who share her vision of HR being the champion and power behind transforming workplaces from a focus on performance management to a focus on unleashing potential.

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