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Rearchitecting Work Course

Rearchitecting Work 12-Week Course/6-Bi-Weekly Sessions
(September - November, 2024)

Introduction to the 7 tools and 10 design principles that provide the conditions for workplaces to be welcoming communities of diversity where Possibility Partners Unleashing Potential is a reality, not just a good idea! Click here to learn more about the course schedule, course content, 6 learning modules, the learning objectives for each module, and the "Conversations That Matter" follow-up discussions.

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Coaching & Organization Consulting

Individual and Team Coaching

Individual and Groups of Two-Four 

Embrace accountability (ownership for results) as the gift we give ourselves and others to become  more confident and courageous in living our best lives, making the difference we were destined to make. Barbara Sher, a world-renowned authority on identifying goals, finding drive and motivation, and avoiding resistance the natural way, often said, “Isolation is the dream killer, not your lousy attitude.”

And if you need more encouragement to honor unleashing the potential that resides within each of us, consider Atticus’s message below:

“Dare to believe the whispers in your ears, that you might be special, that you might be meaningful, that one day you might change the world.”

Atticus is a British Canadian anonymous poet who resides in Venice Beach, CA and has written four bestselling books.


Organization Consulting

Organization Consulting . . . Together let’s create the conditions that make achieving results more engaging, predictable, collaborative and sustainable for everyone. Consider the possibilities of unlocking the power of Human Resources to unleash the potential of Human Beings, with updates to our infrastructures of "Best Practices" and Standard Operating Processes, and a renewed focus on mentor leadership paradigms and psychological safety cultures. Key outcomes can include greater fulfillment and empowerment among all members of the enterprise, working with greater ease and engagement in achieving the business revenues, profitability and growth goals, along with a noticeable increase in employee retention and well-being.


Additional Resources

The Rearchitecting Work Podcast

Launching in 2024

"Creating What's Next"

One-on-one and group problem-solving sessions

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Become an active participant in

The Possibility Partners Rearchitecting Work Community!

In the words of inspiration from Margaret Mead, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed individuals can change the world. In fact, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

Regardless of your role in your organization, you can be an influencer in changing not only the why work gets done, but also the how it gets done, based on the quality of the relationships and conversations.

Please join me on zoom every Friday from noon to 1:00 PM CST for “Conversations that Matter" to increase your personal agency and empowerment in engaging others in designing the conditions for reimagining your workplace (and your life) to shift from managing performances to unleashing potential, and coming ever closer to achieving holistic success, defined as “Doing work you love with people you love for the reasons you love.”

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