The Mother/Daughter Possibility Duo

Dec 09, 2022

Serendipity is the best way to describe how Possibility Partners evolved from our founder, Dianne’s, go-it-alone idea into a collaborative partnership for this mother/daughter duo. After many agonizing months of getting ready to launch the business alone, Dianne & Wende realized almost magically that they were committed to the same liberating, empowering, full self-expression vision for people in the workplace. Although at that time they were on different paths — Wende a holistic health practitioner and empath, trained in Reiki energy healing, mindfulness, and meditation practices, and Dianne with her Rearchitecting Work focus — it became obvious and compelling to them that merging their expertise and skills, along with their shared vision and relatedness, enhanced their productivity, creativity, energy, and relationship. This experience is one they want to make available and accessible to everyone at work so they can then apply the same principles and practices in their family life, neighborhood, communities, etc. to create a better world that works for everyone. 


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