How Possibility Partners is Changing the Human Resources Profession

Dec 09, 2022

Dianne and Wende’s work is focused on unlocking the power of Human Resources to unleash the potential of human beings.

Dianne’s book, Rearchitecting Work, contains the 10 design principles that provide the blueprint for HR to create the infrastructure of best practices, along with a new approach to leadership where the importance of results does not change, but how they are achieved is significantly altered.

Both Wende and Dianne are all too familiar with how the traditional HR department is viewed within organizations – mainly as the benefits/compensation administrators, policy police, and protectors of the organization’s executives from lawsuits.

In their model bosses become mentors, performance reviews turn into “How’s It Going” conversations, team members relate as possibility partners, and “holding people accountable” is replaced with “inspired ownership for results” – all of which unleashes the potential residing within each of us to produce the results that matter to all of us.

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